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  • The Power of Email Marketing

    The Power of Email Marketing

    September 12, 2018 By ViralAds 0 comments

    Have you ever thought to yourself, “now that this whole social media thing is booming, I can quit all of my email marketing?”


    While social media is a potent tool when utilized to its full potential, it doesn’t mean your business can drop everything else.

    Email marketing is highly effective, inexpensive and is typically responsive. Email marketing is also a useful brand-building tool because your readers see your business or brand regularly, keeping it top of mind.

    The rise of mobile phone use has also affected the email marketing world. According to an article by MailChimp, 40.8% of U.S. consumers read their email via mobile devices. The same article touched on a study held by MailChimp that found 72% of participants read their emails in bed. MailChimp reported, “Often readers haven’t even turned on their lights yet and are still cozy under blankets while reading emails.”

    In today’s world, we just can’t put down our email.

    If email marketing seems like a daunting task, I might know someone who can help you out with that. Our team encompasses the skill set to help your business or brand thrive through the use of email marketing.

    My number one piece of advice for creating successful email marketing campaigns? Spend time generating content that your consumers will enjoy reading and engage with.

    What are some engaging email newsletters you subscribe to? Let me know in the comments below!

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