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    Advertising Agency Misperceptions

    March 27, 2019 By ViralAds 0 comments

    Prior to working at Viral Ad Network, I had a major misperception of what exactly an ad agency did. In my mind, ad agencies were money traps. Meaning every time you pick up the phone to talk with the agency the ticker is running and costing your company money.

    When placing media, it has to be cheaper to do it on your own, doesn’t it? I associated everything related to an agency as expensive; something a small business couldn’t afford to work with or something they needed to do themselves.

    I was dead wrong.

    Not only is it the same cost to have an agency place your media, but with the buying power of an agency, the client gets more bang for their buck. At Viral Ad Network, our clients are mostly business owners that depend on us to operate as their advertising and marketing departments.

    We work in the best interest of the client to get them the best return on their investment. Viral Ad Network hears it over and over, “We want to get a lot for a little.” We understand small business needs and are passionate to work to get our clients the best bang for their buck.

    I am new at Viral Ad Network. After my first interview, I knew if I was going to make the transition to working at an advertising agency, this was it. Viral Ad Network was the niche that was missing in the advertising world; a company that does an insanely awesome job with social media, SEO, website design and traditional media.

    We can even set you up with a web hosting company. Our current favorite is A2Hosting’s Turbo plan. Without going into much detail, A2Hosting is excellent. You can read more about them here.

    We have it all, and after starting here everything was confirmed true. It was not just talked up as a sales pitch during my interview process; the people here are truly talented and passionate at making our clients successful. What a great place to promote to the people in my life and the town I am glad to call home.

    This place is based on honesty and transparency. Viral Ad Network has proven to be the real deal and everything that sold me on coming to work here has come true. Now how many of you can say that after starting a new job?

    So there it is, my first blog, bragging about the company I work for. People close to me will tell you I am honest; sometimes too honest. I am glad to see there are no gimmicks here and Viral Ad Network is the real deal. I am thankful for finding this place. It feels good to come to work. I think I will stick around for a while ;).

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